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Czech Republic - D48, Nový Jičín

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Start May 2021

H2 W5


The D48 (Czech: Dálnice 48) is a highway in eastern Czech Republic which is currently being modernized. This project started in May this year and will last until 2024. Over a length of more than 13km the D48 will be upgraded to a proper 4 lane highway. DELTABLOC® is part of this modernization project: almost 10km of temporary DB 50SL barriers (T3) and almost 3km of DB 100S (H3) safety barriers have been rented out to this project. The installation took 7 days and was accomplished while traffic was maintained.

Cars driving by DELTABLOC® concrete safety barriers installed on czech motorway
Stock of DELTABLOC® DB 100S concrete safety barriers in the Czech Republic

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