Flexible, Semi-rigid & rigid systems

Engineers create countless construction types of bridges. And it is our philosophy that the barrier design follows the bridge design. Therefore we have developed 3 different bridge barrier concepts to fit the engineers needs.

  • the flexible DB AS-R series without anchoring
  • the semi-rigid DB 80AS-A featuring "soft fixation"
  • the rigid DB 80AS-E supported by the plinth

the flexible "DB 80AS-R" & "DB 100AS-R"

The DB  AS-R series comprises 2 premium vehicle restraint system for bridges in height of 80 and 100cm. In contrast to other systems, this system offers essential advantages for refurbishment of old bridges as well as for new constructions.

  • DB 80AS-R - H2 | W4 | ASI B
  • DB 100AS-R - H4b | W5 | ASI B
  • proven edge beam load reduction by approx. 2/3 in case of impact
  • no heavy anchoring to the bridge deck

 DB 80AS-R datasheet   DB 100AS-R datasheet

the semi-rigid "DB 80AS-A"

The DB 80AS-A is equipped with the patented AbsorptionLink anchoring technology. This fixation method transforms impact energy to a controlled plastic deformation of the anchors. The outcome is impressive - working width classification W1 at an H2 impact.

  • DB 80AS-A - H2 | W1 | ASI B
  • only 4 anchors per 6m unit
  • forces recorded during crash tests

 DB 80AS-A datasheet

the rigid "DB 80AS-E"

When a bridge is designed with a reinforced plinth the all-rounder DB 80AS-E might be the most cost-efficient choice. Even though this barrier is not a dedicated bridge barrier, engineers can easily enhance the plinth reinforcement to suit the H2 impact loads in correlation to the originally crash-tested backing beam.

  • DB 80AS-E - H2 | W1 | ASI B
  • embeeded in asphalt
  • supported by the plinth

 DB 80AS-E datasheet

the bridge barrier is there

when something goes wrong

There is no room for interpretation when a 38-ton-truck hits the safety barrier on a highway bridge. DELTABLOC® was the first concrete barrier manufacturer to measure impact forces in real time.

Today impact loads are predictable for bridge engineers with DELTABLOC®.