Bridge Barriers

on the NIJMEGEN bridge, Netherlands

Permanent application Bridge Barriers

    Bridge Barriers

    When breakthrough prevention is a must

    Besides the usual safety features, a bridge barrier has to handle much more stringent conditions. Today, it is a safety standard that higher containment levels are required especially when there is danger for third parties. With DELTABLOC® Bridge Barriers you ensure ultimate breakthrough prevention and significant reduction of impact loads.

    • containment level H2 and H4b
    • integrate hydraulic and mechanical expansion joints
    • patented anchoring methods that absorbs impact energy
    • different heights: 80cm and 100cm
    • impact loads available for bridge designers

    Bridges are complex structures. A modern bridge barrier must deal with expansion joints, bridge edge beams, different plinth types and drainage methods. All DELTABLOC® Bridge Barriers provide a wide range of supplementary products. Everything you need for seamless safety.

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