EN 14388 Acoustics

The DB LSW series is typically cladded with PHONOBLOC® HB wood concrete, providing high noise absorption as a standard feature. All PHONOBLOC® HB absorbers are tested and CE certified in independant laboratories. Different shapes and profiles guarantee highest absorbtion - from A3 to A5.

  • tested and proven absorption
  • tested and proven insulation
  • CE certified in all design variations

PHONOBLOC® HB wood concrete absorbers

PHONOBLOC® is an environmentally sustainable noise protection system consisting of cementuous bound chipped wood. This ecological material provides the required acoustic properties such as noise absorption and airborne sound insulation.

  • robust and durable
  • frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • environmentally sustainable
  • 100% recyclable

The innovative PHONOBLOC® HB range of highly absorbent wood concrete blocks features ratings of A3 to A5.

The closer the better

Due to the narrow system width and the small working width of the DB LSW series, the noise barrier wall can be positioned very close to the carriageway – which means sound absorption is more effective. Thus the primary sound source caused by tyres is directly insulated and, at a distance of 8 to 10m, there is a noise reduction of up to 15dB.



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