EP Technology

During the development of the new in-situ concrete safety barrier EP all the well-known weaknesses of the conventional in-situ concrete technology were addressed. The barrier design was reinvented, right from scratch, focussing on life-time safety performance and passenger protection.

  • multiple connectivity
  • ultimate durability
  • no compromise in passenger safety

Multiple connectivity

through SafeLink® and EURO-RACCORD®

The new in-situ EP series can be connected to any other DELTABLOC® safety barrier and numerous steel guardrails via our tried and tested transitions.

  • SafeLink® transitions
  • EURO-RACCORD® transitions

Ultimate durability

with the corrosion resistant EP strand

DELTABLOC® introduced the epoxy-coated reinforcement "EP Strand" as the new standard for the EP series. Certified, tried and tested to guarantee full traceability from the steel mill to the finished barrier.

  • fully CE certified
  • proven corrosion resistance

No compromise in passenger safety

Full product range approved for ASI B

The new EP series is the first modern in-situ concrete vehicle restraint system meeting all current engineering and safety requirements. All barrier types within the product family clearly and reproducibly achieve the impact severity level ASI B.

  • ASI B according to EN 1317:2011
  • optimized DELTABLOC® New Jersey profile