DELTABLOC® Transitions

on the A10 Berlin, Germany

Barriers & Components DELTABLOC® Transitions

    DELTABLOC® Transitions

    crash-tested according to (PR)EN 1317

    For DELTABLOC®, every connection between two different vehicle restraint systems is as important as the restraint systems themselves. Therefore, we developed a complete range of transitions between in-situ barriers, precast barriers and steel guardrails.

    • fast installation
    • short construction lengths
    • safe and versatile design concept

    The SafeLink® and EURO-RACCORD® transitions are an integral part of the EP series and DB series. Together with the most popular and best performing steel guardrails they form a comprehensive solution for passive safety on highways.


    safely connect precast, in-situ & steel

    For DELTABLOC® safety is not a question of material. Road designers now can choose the right system for the right application - without safety compromise in their connection.

    There is no weak point in a DELTABLOC® chain.

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