Semi-Rigid Barriers

Semi-rigid DELTABLOC® safety barriers are characterized by the efficiency of flexible barriers combined with a significant reduction of deflection at an impact. DELTABLOC® offers two ways to anchor the barrier to the ground:

  • piling into compacted gravel
  • anchoring onto a strip concrete foundation

Semi-rigid DELTABLOC® safety barriers are typically designed for containment level H2. They achieve a working width of W2 on a concrete foundation and W3 on compacted gravel - still providing passenger safety class ASI B.

The Double-sided DB 80F
H2 | W3 | ASI B

Surface-mounted, no earthworks, tested on compacted gravel.

Featuring the DB "2-in-1" method

DELTABLOC® semi-rigid barriers are also crash-tested for temporary applications. Prior to being placed and anchored in their final position, the semi-rigid barriers are used as free-standing and flexible workzone protection.

  • designed for permanent containment level H2
  • additionally tested free-standing for N2 or T3
  • ideal for project cost optimisation
  • tried and tested for temporary and permanent application

Find out more details in the "DB 80F Flyer" !