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Human feet and bicycles moving across a zebra crossing

Securing Urban Areas

Urban safety barriers

The versatile product range for small scale protection

Traffic in urban areas is becoming more intensive every year and requires mobility concepts that ensure the protection of all road users. For this reason we developed with CITYBLOC® a guide and protection system for urban traffic areas, which has been successfully crash-tested according to EN 1317. The versatile CITYBLOC® product range of urban barriers is the perfect choice for protecting construction sites, cycle paths, bus stops, airport and railway stations or any other objects. Due to the nature of the individual elements, the system ensures the highest possible safety even in the case of small-scale protection. So rest assured that our CITYBLOC® urban barriers protect your little ones on their way to school and you to your place of work.

CITYBLOC® product range of urban safety barriers

Urban Safety

CITYBLOC® Urban Barrier Range

Urban Safety

Urban Barrier Series

CITYBLOC® Security Barriers product portfolio
For urban areas
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