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Installation of DELTABLOC® DB 80F on highway A93 in Germany

Solutions for every application

DELTABLOC® is the leading full-range supplier

Impressive product diversity and specialist expertise

DELTABLOC® realizes road safety projects worldwide on every scale. We provide the widest range of barrier solutions for all your applications. With permanent barriers for roads and bridges, temporary barriers for workzones, noise protection barriers or urban barriers we are raising road safety to a new level. With over 20 years of experience we are a reliable, innovative and high-quality supplier of vehicle restraint systems and noise protection systems.

Our solutions for your applications

Permanent Barriers

Permanent concrete barrier on the Slovenian motorway

Workzone Barriers

Temporary safety barrier installed for workzone protection on german highway

Noise Barriers

Residential houses are protected from motorway noise by PHONOBLOC® noise barriers

Urban Barriers

CITYBLOC® security barriers protect the workplace
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