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Contribute to Road Safety

Boost your business with a DELTABLOC® license

The DELTABLOC® business model

Licensing is a very compelling model as it reduces overall risks of doing business for all parties involved. Usually a licensor gives permission to a third party to manufacture and sell one or more products within a defined market area. The licensee obtains these rights by agreeing to pay a royalty fee. So licensing creates new business opportunities for both parties. Ready to become our partner in establishing DELTABLOC® in your country?

All you need to know about the DELTABLOC® business model

For over 20 years now, DELTABLOC® is the leading developer of concrete and steel vehicle restraint systems and of modern noise protection systems. We performed over 320 successful crash tests, our restraint systems are installed in over 45 markets and we have license partners worldwide. The bullet-proof license business model provides access to our market leading road safety products, our trademarks and our brands and therefore enables you to enter your market more quickly. You will manufacture, market, and sell our products and services. The basis for our cooperation will be a license agreement which specifies all rights and duties for both parties. Our license model is designed to reduce your business risks as DELTABLOC® does all product development, performs all needed crash tests and provides tools for your successful market entry, so you can immediately focus on sales activities. Ready to invest in the future of road safety?

License facts at a glance

Role of DELTABLOC International

  • Preparation of market analysis
  • Crash-tested products in acc. with EN1317
  • Production and Installation Know How transfer
  • Turn key CE certified product portfolio
  • Support with certification and product approval
  • Tailormade solutions for your market
  • Access to Extranet knowledge hub
  • Provision of project planning expertise
  • Quality assurance via annual Factory Production Control in acc. with EN 1317-5

Role of Licensee

  • Prepares the market
  • Handles all local sales activities
  • Invests in a turn-key business model
  • Ensures local value creation
  • Brings commitment and a will to increase road safety in the respective market
  • Gains access to established intellectual property
  • Is able to enter the market more quickly

DELTABLOC® Licensees have manyfold advantages

With a DELTABLOC® license you accomplish a diversification into your product portfolio and access to the widest road safety barrier range in the industry. The well established DELTABLOC® brand opens doors to authorities, planers and construction companies. The wide network of international licensees enables the exchange of best practices and the opportunity to quick start your road safety business. Below graphic shows the main benefits of the DELTABLOC® business model for our partners.


DELTABLOC® Business Model

Let us create the future of road safety together!

Contact us for a successful future - we are ready to offer a tailormade license model which fits your local needs. Write us at or click on the red envelope icon on the right bottom side. We are happy to hear from you!

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