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Less steel & concrete

Less steel & concrete

Lower barrier weight

Lower barrier weight

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced carbon footprint

Unchanged safety performance

Unchanged safety performance

We at DELTABLOC® are not only constantly increasing road safety but we also contribute with our products to a sustainable future. We move from grey to green by using less steel and concrete in our barriers. Therefore we are able to make them lighter in weight and reduce CO2 emissions. Of course we are achieving with the lower weight barriers the same safety performance. #deltabloc, you rock!

Our Road to Green

The road to our sustainability targets contains important milestones with clear and precise steps.

7 steps towards zero CO2 emissions

Identification of our CO2 status

  • Step 1: We gain sustainability competence
  • Step 2: Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) become an essential part of our documentation

Improvement of our CO2 status

  • Step 3: We design light weight barriers
  • Step 4: We use CO2-friendly concrete
  • Step 5: We implement sustainable production methods
  • Step 6: We foster sustainable logistics and installation

Goal reached

  • Step 7: We realize our first zero CO2 barrier project

Our sustainability goals

The DELTABLOC® Road to Green follows clear sustainability goals, which can be clustered into four main areas

Products & Customers

  • Develop lightweight products and push the use of CO2-reduced concrete
  • Implement on-site production and shorten transport routes
  • Strengthen zero waste approach and expand product lifetime

Sustainable Management

  • Commit to transparent Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Conduct dedicated R&D projects
  • Share green competence and knowledge

Employees & Society

  • Participate in environmental protection programmes
  • In-house experts for sustainability topics
  • Foster green employer branding and support a green mindset

Environment & Energy

  • We live the reduce, reuse & recycle approach
  • We focus on renewable energy

The sustainable certification with EPDs

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a transparent and objective report that communicates what a product is made of and how it impacts the environment across its entire life cycle. An EPD is therefore the foundation for the ecological assessment of the product range and an important step towards transparency and auditability. The DELTABLOC® EPDs fully comply with the requirements of EN 15804+A2:2019 and ISO 14025 and are available for you in our Extranet. Click the button below and have a look!

CO2 reduction key facts

Sustainability is not just an empty phrase at DELTABLOC®. It is a key aspect of our corporate strategy. We constantly improve the carbon footprint of our entire product range which convinces with ecological benefits and guarantees best performing containment levels.

Less concrete

Less steel

Reduced weight

Easier installation

On site production

Unchanged safety performance

Our sustainable barriers have a reduced carbon footprint and convince with unchanged safety performance.

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