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Worker installing STEELBLOC® Prodigy steel guardrails

Outstanding safety performance

The Prodigy c Series

Premium steel guardrails

Steel guardrails for bridges

The STEELBLOC® PRODIGY c series of premium steel guardrails is setting new standards in design and installation. It eliminates complexity through a significant reduction of individual parts and bolts and by using a single type of post. The guardrails are installed anchored on concrete. All PRODIGY guardrails are fully CE-certified and tested in accordance with EN 1317. Fulfilling N2, H1, H2 and H4b containment level, they are part of every modern highway design and are suitable for bridge applications. Through SafeLink® transitions they can be connected seamlessly to other DELTABLOC® barrier series as well as many other third‑party systems. The STEELBLOC® PRODIGY c series – setting new standards and eliminating complexity.

High performance classes H2 W1
and H4b W3 for bridge systems

Fast installation speed due to reduced parts & bolts

B, A, W profile types available

Motorcycle Protection System (MPS)
available in 4m length

Installation of STEELBLOC® Prodigy steel guardrails in Slovenia
Installation of STEELBLOC® Prodigy steel guardrails in Oresund
Installation of STEELBLOC® Prodigy steel guardrails in the port of Koper


Our Safelink® transitions connect all DELTABLOC® safety barriers to other DELTABLOC® barrier series as well as many other third party systems assuring highest safety standards. The DELTABLOC® SafeLink® transitions guarantee seamless safety and provide flexible solutions for every application.

Your Extra Information

The DELTABLOC® Extranet is your 24/7 information centre and knowledge hub. It offers you detailed product information like data sheets, drawings or installation manuals - in several languages. Please visit the DELTABLOC® Extranet and explore our product portfolio. For STEELBLOC® brochures please visit the download area.

STEELBLOC® projects – Prodigy c Series

A2, Bič - Trebnje

Permanent Installation
STEELBLOC® Prodigy 7.20s, 7.20c, 12.20c

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