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Getting noise under control

PHONOBLOC® - Modern noise protection systems for road and rail

Tested and certified product range with optimum acoustic performance

Noise leads to restrictions in the quality of life and well-being, therefore noise protection along roads and railway lines is a central topic in modern traffic route planning. Our PHONOBLOC® noise barrier systems provide protection from noise along roads and railway lines. The PHONOBLOC® DB NBF series is a unique combination of vehicle restraint and noise protection system that ensures safety on the roads. It secures the central reserve or verge, is tested in accordance with EN 1317 and EN 14388 and saves space allowing it to be positioned closer to the traffic.

In addition the wide PHONOBLOC® range of concrete, aluminium, polyethylene and transparent panels combines optimum acoustic performance with a tested and certified service life. Easy installation together with excellent sound insulation and the variety of architectural options available make PHONOBLOC® noise barriers the perfect choice.

Integrated Noise Barriers

DB NBF Series

DELTABLOC® DB NBF Series product portfolio
H2, H4b containment level

Noise Barriers

BHB Panel Series

PHONOBLOC® BHB Panel Series product portfolio
Up to 45dB sound insulation

Noise Barriers

AHB Panel Series

PHONOBLOC® AHB Panel Series product portfolio
Up to 40dB sound insulation

Noise Barriers

AL Panel Series

PHONOBLOC® AL Panel Series product portfolio
Up to 30dB sound insulation

Wall Claddings

HB Absorber Series

PHONOBLOC® HB Absorber Series product portfolio
Up to 20dB sound absorption

Wall Claddings

Whisper Absorber Series

PHONOBLOC® Whisper® Absorber Series product portfolio
Up to 12dB sound absorption

Near-Track Noise Barriers

Special Rail Series

PHONOBLOC® Special Rail Series product portfolio
Noise protection for rail
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