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Germany - B10, Zuffenhausen

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Installation length

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600 m

November 2021


The Bundesstraße B10 in Germany has a total length of 300km, connects Bavaria with the Saarland and carries the east-west traffic in that area. It is a major road connection and plans to upgrade the road to four lanes are underway. Especially the part in Baden-Württemberg suffers from heavy traffic and high congestion. Noise protection is therefore a major topic and so just recently in November 2021 a PHONOBLOC® DB NBF installation took place on the B10 in Zuffenhausen, north of Stuttgart. Over a total length of more than 600m PHONOBLOC® DB 100 NBF integrated noise barriers with HB WAVEline Absorbers have been installed to protect residents from traffic noise. A great project that convinces with special solutions like an escape door and an integrated radar box.

Installation of PHONOBLOC® DB 100 NBF noise barrier in Zuffenhausen, Germany
Installation of PHONOBLOC® DB NBF and HB Absorbers on a german highway

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