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Protecting lives is our motivation

DELTABLOC® - Safety barriers that set standards worldwide

The Original

Mobility is a basic need of our society. Whether you commute with your car daily or use your vehicle irregularly, arriving home safe is what matters most. With the development of the original DELTABLOC® safety barrier technology in the mid-90s we became a pioneer in passive road safety. For 20 years now, we have been doing our utmost to create a safe environment for all road users. Our permanent or temporary safety barriers are crash-tested in accordance with EN 1317 and are primarily used on the central reserve or verge of the higher-ranking road network.

The DELTABLOC® product range meets all requirements of modern road design and puts our vision "Creating safety barriers is our business. Protecting lives is our motivation." into practise every day. Our DELTABLOC® Zero Debris Concrete sets a new benchmark for safety barriers. This innovation makes concrete safety barriers even more safe, as it eliminates the hazard of detached concrete parts even on heavy impacts. Zero Debris Concrete makes safety barriers incredibly robust - no breakouts, no detached parts, no debris up to containment level H4b.

The DELTABLOC® Product Portfolio

Permanent Safety Barriers

SL 70 Series

DELTABLOC® SL Series product portfolio
N2, H1 containment level

Permanent Safety Barriers

DB 80 Series

DELTABLOC® DB 80 Series product portfolio
N2, H1, H2 containment level

Permanent Safety Barriers

DB 100 Series

DELTABLOC® DB 100 Series product portfolio
H3 containment level

Permanent Safety Barriers

DB 120 Series

DELTABLOC® DB 120 Series product portfolio
H2, H4b containment level

Integrated Safety Barriers

DB NBF Series

DELTABLOC® DB NBF Series product portfolio
H2, H4b containment level

Temporary Safety Barriers

DB Series

DELTABLOC® DB Series product portfolio
H1 containment level
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