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Permanent safety for your travels

Permanent safety barriers

The key product range for road safety

DELTABLOC® provides the widest range of permanent safety barriers for all road applications. High-performance precast and in-situ concrete safety barriers team up with steel guardrails to the safest and most efficient permanent barrier solutions for modern roads and highways. Crash tested to the highest standards, DELTABLOC® permanent safety barriers are available in flexible, semi-rigid and rigid options and offer unyielding protection for all road users. DELTABLOC® permanent safety barriers are the perfect solution for the central reserve, the verge and for bridge applications. Our permanent barriers convince with superior passive safety you can rely on.

DELTABLOC® permanent safety barriers range

Road Safety

Precast Safety Barriers

DELTABLOC®’s precast safety barrier range consists of the DB 80 Series, DB 100 Series and DB 120 Series. This wide range of safety barriers fits all needs of modern road design. They are fully CE-certified to H4b containment level when tested in accordance with EN 1317. For utmost versatility each system covers many different ways of installation - surface mounted, pile driven, pinned, anchored or embedded. All barrier types can be combined and connected with each other to provide complete road safety.

DELTABLOC® product range of precast concrete safety barriers

DELTABLOC® Permanent Safety Barrier Range

Permanent Safety Barriers

DB 80 Series

DELTABLOC® DB 80 Series product portfolio
N2, H1, H2 containment level

Permanent Safety Barriers

DB 100 Series

DELTABLOC® DB 100 Series product portfolio
H3 containment level

Permanent Safety Barriers

DB 120 Series

DELTABLOC® DB 120 Series product portfolio
H2, H4b containment level
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